Trevor Luther is the co-owner of Grove City Brewing Company and president of Project Altogether, a new non-profit organization created to help support the local businesses around Grove City.

What’s unique about Grove City Brewing Company?

Grove City Brewing and Plum Run Winery is unique because we’re a winery and a brewery, and also have high end cocktail bar. Our customers can expect all hand-crafted beer, food and wine in an upbeat, kid-friendly atmosphere, with a large variety of offerings made from all fresh, local ingredients. We also plan to have a new wine and beer garden out back ready in time for summer.

What’s the farthest someone has traveled for a Grove City Brewing Co. beer?

Family and friends from upstate New York travel 12 hours to check out the brewery and see the sights, and folks come in from Indiana and Pennsylvania, too. People love to come for particular beers: We have a Christmas ale and a pistachio beer for St. Patrick’s Day that draw crowds, as well as a donut beer made in collaboration with Jolly Pirate Donuts that’s always on tap.

How did the Altogether Adventure Ale and Project Altogether get started?

Pre-pandemic, Grove City Brewing Co. created a beer in collaboration with Visit Grove City to bring awareness to Visit Grove City’s Altogether Adventure theme. About 12 local Heart of Grove City business owners joined me to brew and release the Altogether Adventure ale. Just prior to releasing or second batch the pandemic hit, and our ownership group saw the struggles of the local businesses. We decided to take the proceeds from that batch of beer – 800 bottles all bottled by hand – to found Project Altogether, which gives the money back to local businesses in need. It’s worked so well that other businesses joined in with products of their own that contribute to the fund.

How has Project Altogether grown since then?

It’s been an amazing journey – Now Project Altogether is its own non-profit organization. We’re getting ready to release the next batch of Altogether Adventure ale, and hope to keep it on throughout the year to raise funds for businesses that are still struggling from the pandemic. This project is exciting because it’s an open door – and we’re working to build on this foundation in so many ways. Strong businesses reflect on the community, so if our businesses are thriving, the whole downtown area will thrive as well.