May 2nd marks the start of National Travel and Tourism Week (May 2 – May 8)! It’s the perfect time to talk about the impact the tourism industry has on the economy, businesses, and even our wellness. It’s also the perfect time to talk about some of the ways to celebrate tourism and travel, and how you can enjoy unique adventures throughout Grove City!


This year, the National Tourism and Travel Week’s theme is the “Power of Travel”. So, let’s talk about how powerful and impactful travel is in Ohio.

The travel and tourism industry makes a huge impact in Ohio. In 2019 alone, roughly 226 million people visited Ohio. That’s an increase of 4 million from 2018 and 7 million from 2017. The tourism industry in Ohio is growing.

Those 226 million visitors have a huge economic impact, spending roughly 48 billion dollars. These visitors are supporting a multitude of local businesses, hotels, and restaurants. Not only that, but these travelers are also supporting about 431,000 jobs.


In honor of National Tourism and Travel Week, let’s celebrate our local businesses and restaurants that thrive from the support of locals and tourists alike. There are plenty of places in Grove City that are unique to our town and the perfect representation of what Grove City is like, a place to find your Altogether Adventure.

There is an abundance of wonderful and locally owned places, be sure to check out our website to get a full list.

For now, here’s a list of some great places to find your Altogether Adventure!


Calling all pizza lovers! The perfect excuse to eat as much pizza as you want, from as many new places as you can, is in Grove City! Take part in the Grove City Pizza Trek and explore all the unique and tasty pizza options that are just around the corner. Simply order pizza, get your stamp, and work your way to one of our cool shirts to show off. 

Try any of our pizza places, from patio dining at Cimi’s Bistro, to delivery from Flyer’s Pizza in your living room! There are options for everyone, and they all support our communities’ locally-owned restaurants. 

Don’t forget, there are plenty of other options that aren’t pizza-themed to enjoy in Grove City. You can check out our list of places to eat here.


There’s a wide variety of ways to find a memorable Adventure in Grove City (that is still supporting your neighbors!)

If you’re an adrenaline seeker, swing by LVL UP Sports to get your heart racing in a friendly match of paintball. Get your whole family and all your friends together and see who the master paintballers are! 

For something a little more lowkey, enjoy any of the abundances of arts and crafts adventures we have to offer. From making and customizing your piece of pottery at Coffee Break Pottery to enjoying one of Little Theatre Off Broadway‘s productions.


There’s plenty of ways to take care of your home goods, clothing, or collectible needs while supporting local businesses. 

For fans of comic books and collectible toys, satisfy your needs at Skylarks Toys & Comics. There’s no shortage of something new and exciting for you to find here.

For those fans of boutiques, there are plenty of options! Visit Grove Sheek Boutique to find something new to show off to all your friends while supporting a new locally owned boutique! 


If you aren’t a Grove Citian, our eighteen hotels can help make your Altogether Adventure perfect. Pick from the list of wonderful options to find your perfect fit! Check out our list of hotels to find the perfect one.

There’s an abundance of ways to enjoy Grove City during Travel and Tourism Week and support local businesses. Be sure to show us your adventures this week using #altogetheradventure and #grovecityadventures.