It’s important now more than ever to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep healthy and keep others healthy. We have created a page that details information regarding COVID-19, which includes practicing social distancing and washing your hands often. It is also incredibly important for us to continue supporting our local businesses and eateries. There are plenty of ways to help these businesses continue to thrive during this difficult time. An abundance of them are still offering their services through delivery and carryout. Additionally, you could buy gift cards to some of your favorite places to use later that will help them now.  

Many restaurants are also giving back to the community by providing discounted or free meals for students to help make sure those who don’t have access to meals are able to still eat. It’s important that we continue to support these local businesses however we can, our economy and our community will benefit greatly from a continued stream of support from one another.

We’ve compiled a list of every open Grove City restaurant, their hours, and how you can get food from them. Additionally, we’ve figured out if they’re providing free meals or discounts for students during this time. Please use this list to continue to see when and how you can get food from your favorite places. Be aware and safe when you are going out to pick up carryout orders. Limit your contact, and do not go out if you’re sick.  

Grove City Brewing Company

Additionally, it’s still crucial to look out for and support local retailers. It’s important that we are following the rules laid out for us, and that currently entails only shopping when you need to. Plenty of our local retailers provide you with necessities – ranging from honey provided by The Honey House to organic food items at The Farm Table on 62. There is also the option of purchasing gift cards to use later, but to ensure support now at the time when they need us most.  Some of our local retailers also are providing you with online shopping options that can be shipped to your home!

While we practice social distancing and remain home as often as we can, there are sure to be plenty of opportunities to fill that time with Take Home Adventures. Not only are these great opportunities to share with others, or enjoy with your family at home but you can continue to support local businesses. Try your hand at creating new home decor with AR Workshop’s DIY-to-go kits or decorate your own Capital City cupcakes. There is an abundance of experiences to be had within the comfort of your own home.

AR Workshop in Grove City

As we work through this time of quarantining and social distancing, it’s important that we all set aside the time to adventure outdoors, get fresh air and stretch our legs. There are plenty of outdoor adventures to be experienced in Grove City. Take your dog (or yourself) for a walk at any of the parks. While nobody should be playing on any of the playgrounds, stretching your legs and taking in the sights are much-needed experiences for everyone, mentally and physically.

There are other ways to stretch your legs or relax, if the weather doesn’t permit. We’ve gathered a list of every way you can keep well while we maintain a safe distance from one another. Join in on virtual classes with Burn Within Yoga or order a nutritional shake from Grove City Nutrition for carryout. If the weather is nice, now is the perfect time to get your bike upgraded at Heritage Cycles and go for rides around the parks. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself happy and healthy during this time.

While we are facing unprecedented times, we all are seeking some normalcy in our lives. Feel free to use these lists to help do just that. Plan a visit to a different park every other day, have fun using a unique take-home kit, and order carryout from your favorite restaurants. Continue on finding your local adventures in Grove City and be sure to use #AdventuresInSolitude to inspire others