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What is a Stereo Painting?

The Grove City Area Convention and Visitor Bureau has partnered with local artists, David Lane and Cody Wood to create a series of large scale stereo paintings to illustrate the vibrance of our growing city, the strength of our hometown community , and our connection to its rich past.

Visit Grove City recognizes that stereo-painting provides a site-specific encounter that invites visitors to experience all that Grove City has to offer. The in-person 3D exhibit, unites the past and present, in a unique approach that engages the observer with Grove City’s story and the art itself.

The artists will create a series of five stereo murals. Each one will feature Grove City’s past in the left-hand of the painting, and its present on the right. With the use of a specialized viewer, the observer will see a combined 3D image. Past and present come together to form a three-dimensional experience from two dimensional pieces.

Game Time!

“Game Time,” is a work that celebrates Grove City’s longstanding High School Alumni Softball Tournament, a tradition that lives to this day. In the left hand side of the painting, we see a polaroid snapshot of the teams of yesteryear in the very first matchups of 1983; on the right a photo on a mobile device that could have been taken today. The two images, side by side come forward together in a 3D experience that evokes the future. The tension between the two images is simultaneously a comment on the great change of the last forty years and the continuity that keeps us together.

The Viewmasters

David Lane is a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design and the Ohio State University. “Mr. Lane” may look familiar from his thirty years teaching art for South-Western City Schools. After retiring from Park Street Intermediate, David has focused on making art. At the 2022 Ohio State Fair, he garnered The Hayley Award as well as People’s Choice. His award-winning piece “17,502” was later acquired by The Ohio History Connection and is now part of its Pandemic collection. His 2022 Arts in the Alley entry, “001.209 to 998,” a 3D-printed detection of the Grove City Public Library won him his third Easel Award and another People’s Choice. You can currently view his Fine Art paintings at Hayley Gallery in New Albany, Ohio.

For over twenty years, David’s work has experimented with stereo-imagery. This collaboration with Visit Grove City and colleague Cody Wood, has expanded the possibilities of his stereo concepts. He is thrilled to finally share his vision with Grove City on such a grand scale.

Cody Wood studied Fine Arts at Cornell University, animation at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and received his B.F.A from Columbus College of Art and Design. Cody has been a career artist spanning multiple decades and disciplines. As a designer, he has done concept work for small local businesses as well as known-names like Ben & Jerry’s. As an animator, he has done commercials for companies like Goodyear, Ford, and The Ohio Lottery, as well as TV feature work for Cartoon Network. Recently, he has been illustrator for series of children’s books. The large-scale stereo paintings for Visit Grove City are his biggest adventure to date!



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