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What is the Grove City Town Center Designated Outdoor Area (DORA) and how does it work?

Patrons age 21 and older may purchase an alcoholic beverage from an approved, liquor-permitted establishment; then sip, stroll, shop and explore within the DORA boundaries of Grove City’s historic Town Center.

Before a patron plans to leave the liquor-permitted establishment with alcohol, he/she must request a DORA-designated cup.

Only beverages in DORA cups are permitted and protected from Grove City’s open-container laws. No cans, bottles or alcoholic beverages purchased from non-DORA establishments, are permitted within the DORA.

What are the DORA hours?

2 p.m. to midnight, Monday – Saturday

Excludes Friday, July 26; Thursday, Oct. 31; and Saturday, Dec. 7

What are the rules?

  1. Purchase an alcoholic drink at a DORA-designated establishment and have the beverage poured into a specially marked cup.
  2. Drink and stroll along the sidewalks and in shops within the DORA boundaries.
  3. Alcoholic beverages CANNOT be brought from one liquor-permitted bar/restaurant to another establishment that serves alcohol.

You Can:

  • Purchase an alcoholic beverage at an authorized location and enjoy it while strolling within the DORA boundaries. The drink must be in an official DORA cup.
  • Sip and Shop! You are welcome to take a DORA drink into an establishment that does not have a liquor license. A business owner/operator who does not permit DORA drinks, will display such signage.
  • Dispose of your DORA cup properly when you finish. Help keep Grove City beautiful!
  • Have fun while respecting that not all individuals within the DORA boundaries are drinking.
  • Maintain a family-friendly atmosphere at all times.


  • Bring your own alcoholic beverages into Town Center.
  • Walk around with an alcoholic drink not in a designated DORA cup (no cans, glass or drinks purchased elsewhere are permitted).
  • Take a beverage purchased from one liquor-permitted DORA establishment, into another liquor-permitted establishment. You must dispose of your previously purchased DORA cup/beverage before entering another liquor-permitted establishment.

Where can DORA beverages be purchased?

Current DORA-authorized establishments include:


The map designates the boundaries of the DORA (perimeter signs in place) and the liquor-permitted DORA establishments.


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