Virtual Gym Class with Tricia Z

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COVID-19/Coronavirus 2021 Update –  Stay fit and safe with a Virtual Gym Class for Kids and Parents with Tricia Z! The group is totally FREE. Meet up live in a video Zoom chat room that is free and Tricia will connect you with a free two week trial to Beachbody on Demand to stream the family-friendly workout. The only equipment you need is a medium-sized ball. The length of the gym sessions are between 20-30 minutes.

From Tricia, “It makes me smile to see so many moms, dads, and kids moving and having fun together…We are trialing this for the next two weeks during our Stay in Place order. The workout is appropriate for all fitness levels and ages of kids.

Classes meet up at 5:45am, 9am, and 1:15pm on weekdays.

Click here to request to be added to the group:

Once added to the group go to the “Welcome Post” for instructions on how to get started.

Invite your family, neighbors, and friends or your child’s school class to enjoy this fun, social way to stay healthy at a distance.

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