Editor’s Note: Formatting has been adjusted and information added and/or omitted to provide clarity on Grove City-area relevance.

We celebrate our 2016–2017 Best Hometown honorees by sharing some of the interesting and fun discoveries we made during our visits.

Creative Clocks: 
If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind home decor piece that combines barn chic with vintage flair, check out the wooden wall clocks at Zassy’s Treasures. Longtime Grove City resident and shop owner Cassy Mullins buys old wooden electrical spools in bulk and then deconstructs them, transforming their round bases into clock faces. “Honestly, I can’t make enough of these,” says Mullins. “A lot of people get to the store right at the opening to get one of these.” The pieces can be functional or merely decorative (meaning created with or without hands), and Mullins is willing to work with bases brought in by customers or to customize any purchase. 3952 Broadway, Grove City 43123, zassystreasures.com

Coffee Shot
Selling fair trade, free trade and kosher beans, Impero Coffee Roasters caters to not only the conscientious coffee sipper, but also the daring caffeine adventurer. Instead of cozying up to a full cup, take a seat at the bar and let the baristas whip up the John Wayne shot: layered espresso, cold creamer and white-chocolate-flavored syrup served in a shot glass. “The neat thing is you’ve got different textures, different temperatures and different flavors,” explains shop owner Tom Schroeder. “When you drink it, it’s the opposite of what your eyes just saw.” 4170 McDowell Road, Grove City 43123, 614/539-6808, imperocoffee.com

Side Dish
Green beans don’t get a lot of hype aside from the Thanksgiving casserole, but they stand out on the menu at China Bell. When restaurant owner and longtime Grove City restaurateur Gary Shyu noticed green beans appearing on more and more menus, he decided to serve up his own authentic Chinese version. “We saute them with soy sauce, garlic and pickled cabbage,” he says. “[It’s] really good flavor, and people like it.” The beans can be tossed with meat as a main dish, but don’t be afraid to order them as a side. 1947 Stringtown Rd., Grove City 43123, 614/871-2420, chinabell.net

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