Location To Drink Up Local History
Too bad there isn’t a time-lapse camera inside Plank’s on Broadway, a restaurant and tavern in downtown Grove City. Built in 1854 as a hotel, the landmark was also a cigar store and pool hall and is the city’s oldest business in continuous operation. Today, Plank’s is a little of everything, from Victorian dining room to sports bar to where the city’s movers and shakers meet. Memorabilia on the walls includes vintage posters and photographs from Beulah Park, the nearby historic horse track. Try the pizza or veggie wrap. 4022 Broadway Rd., Grove City 43123, 614/875-7800.   

Show Place
Theater devotees will want to reserve seats for Little Theatre Off Broadway, Grove City’s stellar acting troupe. Upcoming productions include “Duck Hunter Shoots Angel,” Mitch Albom’s light-hearted tale of two hunters who believe they’ve missed their mark (Jan. 11-Feb. 3); “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Harper Lee’s poignant story about the tug-of-war between justice and racism in Alabama during the Great Depression (March 1-24); and the classic musical “Singin’ in the Rain,” a romantic comedy about the early days of talking pictures (April 26-May 19). 3981 Broadway, Grove City 43213, 614/875-3919.  

Walk-in Vault
You really don’t want to get locked inside. The walk-in Diebold vault is a remnant from the time the Grove City Welcome Center and Museum building was a bank. The vault has an 18-inch-thick steel door and can withstand dynamite. Inside the vault are vintage high school photos and displays about the community’s businesses and police and fire departments. The museum also showcases a 1912 Model T Ford, vintage clothing and furnished parlor exhibit. 3378 Park St., Grove City 43123, 614/539-8747.

Place to Skin Your Elbow
The 11,000-square-foot, concrete Grove City Skate Park opened in 2006 and challenges those with wheels under their feet. Skates, skateboards and roller blades are all welcome — beginners and pros alike. The park was constructed by Grindline Skateparks, nationally known for its innovative projects. But don’t take our word for it — one teenager skater recently said, “It’s way smooth.” The park features wall hills from 3 to 18 feet and tricky obstacles. Bleachers, drinking fountains and portable restrooms are on-site. 3728 Hoover Rd., Grove City 43123, 614/277-3050. 

Bite On Bison

Bison steaks are one of the best sellers at Cimi’s Bistro in Grove City. The meat is purchased locally from Ohio Bison Farm, operated since 1990 by Bob and Beverly Sexten. The couple manages about 40 bison at their farm and say the 7-foot-tall animals are no problem in the fields but aren’t too happy indoors. The bison are raised without hormone or antibiotic additives. Whole, half and “just a pound of ground meat” are available. Sales by appointment only. 1339 Borror Rd., Grove City 43123, 614/875-4060.

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