Pearl the Squirrel

mini pearl in dress
Pearl was born not so long ago in a very fine tree not so far away in the lovely Gardens at Gantz.  She was mischievous from the very start and soon scurried from the safety of her family home to explore the great wide city around her.   Scuttling about Grove City on her own proved more treacherous than Pearl imagined.  Large motor vehicles and unfortunate encounters with local pets and lack of food almost crippled poor Pearl’s curious spirit.  Thankfully, she was found just off Park Street by the soft-hearted employees of Grove City’s Convention and Visitors Bureau.  The ladies took her in, fed her, clothed her, and offered her a home.  Pearl the Squirrel learned she would travel the state – and sometimes beyond – with Amanda, Tracy, Denise, and Sarah if only she could manage to behave.

This is the story of how Pearl the Squirrel became an unlikely part of the GCCVB team.  Her antics and adventures will keep you laughing.

cropped Pearl and Snowman
Pearl and her new friend