Windsor Park

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COVID-19/Coronavirus 2020 Update  – All Grove City area parks are open and available for you to get the fresh air and vitamin D your body craves. Relieve cabin fever, get your heart rate up, and let your spirits soar as we work our way through this challenging time. Make a game of hitting a new park every week as you get your steps. Tag #AdventuresInSolitude as you explore and remember to practice social distancing and safe hygiene practices. Find more Adventures in Solitude on our page dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on Grove City experiences here.

More than 55 years old and covering 38 acres, Windsor Park is the oldest community-sized park in Grove City and home to youth baseball. Featuring 11 diamonds suited for teams preschool-aged to adult, Windsor also houses batting cages and tennis courts. The 14,000 square foot Evans Center is also located at Windsor Park.  Serving adults 55 and older, the Evans Center hosts a plethora of activities and social opportunities for seniors.

Windsor Park is the location of both Dream Field Playground & Mirolo Dream Field at Mount Carmel Stadium, two of Grove City’s All Inclusive attractions.  These interactive outdoor spaces promote Altogether Adventure for explorers and athletes of all ages and abilities.

4414 Broadway, Grove City, OH 43123 


4330 Dudley Avenue, Grove City, OH 43123

Windsor Park website

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