The Honey House

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COVID-19/Coronavirus 2020 Update – From The Honey House Team, “Per CDC and Homeland Security Advisory Documents, Farm and Agricultural products (are considered essential) during this difficult time. You may utilize the online purchase option ( We utilize 2 day priority on mail option, with free shipping through March. The purchase process is very easy at the Grove City store, also. Call, e-mail or text order and we will assign a pick time during the days we are in Grove City. (Wednesday 2-6 pm or Saturday 12-4 pm). Only 1 customer in the store at a time. Thank you!”

Helpful wellness advice from our friends at The Honey House – “Think clean, natural things to supplement your daily diet. Now and always. Include raw honey and infusions with ginger or elderberry. Apple cider vinegar mixed with raw honey and water is also good.”

Tag #AdventuresInSolitude as you explore Grove City, and remember to practice social distancing and safe hygiene practices. Find more Adventures in Solitude on our page dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on Grove City experiences here.

Located in the Grove City Town Center, the Honey House offers the best raw honey and related apiary products in Ohio. Stop by for giveaways, local honey tastings, samples of their signature honey truffles and many other honey bee products.

3937 Broadway, Suite D Grove City, OH 43123


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