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Trailblazer Awards

We believe a “Trailblazer” is someone or something that forges a path of greatness and guides others along the way. Visit Grove City is thrilled to share the Trailblazer Awards, aimed at celebrating the Grove City tourism community and honoring the people, places, and hard work that make it successful.

Trailblazers deserve to be recognized for their greatness, which is why the nominees will be acknowledged and the awards presented at Visit Grove City’s Annual Meeting.

If you would like to nominate a Trailblazer please download and fill out the nomination form.

Then, email the completed form to answers@visitgrovecityoh.com with the subject line format: Trailblazer Nomination – Nominee Name.
If you have any questions, please call (614) 539-8747.

If you would like to attend our Trailblazer Award ceremony, stayed tuned for details about how to register for this virtual event.


The 2020 Trailblazer Awards include four categories: Individual, business/attraction, community event, and Altogether Adventure®. The criteria for each category are as follows:

Individual Award:  A strong ambassador for Grove City, this individual has proven they can exceed expectations in their work to create a positive visitor experience. Whether through stellar customer service, outside-of-the-box thinking, or everyday kindness, service always comes first for the Individual Trailblazer Award winnerThis person can be an employee at a local business, a government representative, or a volunteer with a local organization.
Helpful questions to ask yourself:
How have they provided customer service above and beyond the call of duty?
“Who is my customer service role model?”

Business/Attraction Award:  This business or attraction should grab the interest of the city and its visitors.  They are a must-see experience in Grove City and are always seeking to improve the local experience. This is a unique place or local asset with exceptional service. This can be a for-profit business or a place that draws visitors by providing something of interest or pleasure.
Helpful questions to ask yourself:
“When friends, family, or customers ask where to eat/visit/stay in Grove City, where do I send them and why?”
How have they created an exceptional visitor experience?
What makes this business unique to Grove City? 

Community Event Award:  This community event proves that collaboration among Grove City event organizers can bring memorable visitor experiences. This year, COVID-19 challenged organizers to think of new and different ways to bring the local community together. Recognizing the delicacy of creating an event during unsteady times and during recovery, this Trailblazer could be awarded to either a virtual or in-person event. 

Helpful questions to ask yourself:
“What experience did the event provide that was unique?”
“How does the event make Grove City a better place to live/work/be?” 

Altogether Adventure® Award:  Altogether Adventure® is more than just a brand, it is the embodiment of the local community spirit, the pride in our community, and the resulting collaborations that make Grove City special.  This project, promotion, or experience leverages Visit Grove City’s brand and/or messaging to create new experiences in the community.
Helpful questions to ask yourself:
“Did this project, promotion, or experience inspire people to work together to promote a common cause? If so, how?”
“Did this project, promotion, or experience leverage Altogether Adventure® to create a unique opportunity for visitors and residents?” 

Nominate a 2020 Trailblazer

*Deadline extended* If you would like to nominate a 2020 Trailblazer please fill out the form at the bottom of […]

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