Here comes the sun! We’ve got more daylight coming during the evening, and to help you prepare we’ve come up with a list of fun things you can do with all that daylight.

1. Visit Our Parks Grove City has an abundance of fun-filled parks, each with its own unique opportunities to experience fun and Altogether Adventure. Use this extra daylight in the evening to have fun at the parks with kids and adults alike! It’s the perfect way to lead into the springtime fun that is sure to be on its way, and who doesn’t miss spending a little time outdoors?
2. See “The Smell of the Kill” If you’re a fan of theatre, there’s no better way to enjoy an evening than seeing a Little Theatre Off-Broadway production. With a little more daylight, it won’t feel nearly as late when you step out of the theatre after one of their shows! Grab some dinner before hand at Blu-Willy‘s or Grove City Brewing Company. Or grab a drink afterwards at Hop Yard 62.
3. Enjoy LVL UP Sports  For the fans of the thrill, LVL UP provides you and your thrill-seeking friends the opportunity to get your heart rate pumping and your adrenaline soaring. With a little more light in the evening, it’ll be even easier to spot your friends as you paintball-battle until your heart’s content.
4. Visit Heritage Cycles 
Gear up for springtime with a new ride! More specifically, a bike…visit Heritage Cycles to prepare for all the opportunities to ride your bike around downtown Grove City this spring. It’s never too late to start getting prepared!

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